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VIDEO: Doyle Sponsors 2012 St Barths Bucket

Doyle Sailmakers is proud to again sponsor the St Barths Bucket Regatta to be held March 22-25, 2012. The wait list to participate in the regatta is a true testament of the superb job done by the Bucket organizers, superyacht owners and crew elevating superyacht racing to an extraordinary level of fun and excitement.

Numerous superyachts with Doyle sails will be taking part in the 2012 St Barths Bucket including: Andromeda La Dea, Athos, Axia, Baracuda, Bliss, Blue Too, Fidelis, Ganesha, Helios II, Koo, Moonbird, P2, Paraiso, Parsifal III, Salperton IV, Symmetry and Zenji.

Doyle Sailmakers’ continued success in the superyacht market is the result of design and engineering expertise, reliability and after sales service. Our network of over 80 lofts worldwide allows us to provide local service worldwide.

Doyle Sailmakers will be well represented in St Barths by Robbie Doyle and numerous representatives from all over the world including: John Baxter, Richard Bouzaid, Matt Bridge, Glenn Cook, Quinny Houry, Richard Hulston, Phill Maxwell, Maria Francesca Natoli, Andrew Schneider, Brendan Simons, Jud Smith, Francesco Valenza, and Guy Waddilove.

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How Does the Design of the Maltese Falcon Sails Relate to Winning Star Sails?

The process is complex, but the results simple: Stronger, Faster Sails.

Integrating High Performance Parallel Computing (HPC) with state-of-the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Structural Mechanics (FEA) software from industry leader ANSYS Doyle Sailmakers has recently begun utilizing a high resolution, fully coupled computational simulation environment designed specifically to answer real world sailing challenges.

The complex turbulent flow around sails, rigs, and hulls is calculated to solve for millions of data points in the flow surrounding the sails. The detailed stress distribution and deformation that results in the sails and rigs from the forces imposed by the flow is then calculated using a Structural Solver with a composites pre-processor to accurately model the complex overlapping fiber and panel layouts in modern sails.

As Jud Smith says: “I love the flow graphics, I don’t understand the process, but the results in improved sail performance are undeniable.”

Flow Visualization From Star CFD Upwind Simulation (AWA=22, AWS=15 kts)

To learn more about Doyle Star sails, click here.

To learn how the DOYLE Engineering Department optimized the sail shape for a boat 88 meters in overall length, with a mast height of 53 meters off the water and maximum yard length of 22 meters, read Tyler Doyle, DOYLE’s head engineer, coauthored paper, Optimization of Yard Sectional Shape and Configuration for a Modern Clipper Ship.