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2011 St. Barths Bucket Brings Together World’s Largest Superyachts

Doyle Sailmakers is proud to have sponsored the St. Barths Bucket Regatta held March 25-27, 2011. This year marked the 25th year of Bucket racing – and the 15th edition of the St Barths Bucket. Of the 40 superyachts competing in this legendary event, 15 were new to the Bucket fleet. The average length of yacht was a staggering 64 meters. Lined up bow to stern, the yachts would measure almost three kilometers.

Maltese Falcon at 2011 St Barths Bucket

It was a spectacular sight to be seen with the 89m dyna rig Maltese Falcon, 75m Mirabella V and 58m Kokomo III all on the same starting line at the 2011 St. Barths Bucket with 100% Doyle Sails.

Kokomo III at 2011 St Barths Bucket

During three days of racing, the fleet of 40 superyachts raced around the volcanic island counterclockwise on day one, tackled the infamous “Not So Wiggly Course” on day two, and on day three raced around the island clockwise. The fleet is divided into three categories: Les Elegantes des Mers for the J Class, Les Grandes Dames des Mers for the Cruising Class, and Les Gazelles des Mers for the Racing Class, making the racing more equally competitive and safer. The races are pursuit format, with staggered starts according to each yacht’s rating. The slowest boat is first off the line, and the rest of the fleet starts at time intervals determined by each boat’s predicted elapsed time around the course. Theoretically in a pursuit race, all the yachts will cross the finish line at the same time.

Mirabella V and Kokomo III carried the latest Doyle Stratis sails, while Maltese Falcon carried her 25,791 square feet of Dacron Doyle sails that have taken her over 90,000 miles.

The 96´sloop Symmetry with a full inventory of Doyle Stratis upwind and Doyle downwind sails came in 3rd Overall and 2nd in Les Gazelles.

AXIA at 2011 St Barths BucketAxia

Perhaps the belle of the ball was the 37m AXIA, one of the smallest yachts in Les Grandes Dames, who won her class with her new Doyle Stratis sails.

The Ron Holland designed Blue Too came in 3rd in Les Grand Dames. Blue Too was delivered to its new Owner just six weeks before the Bucket. Blue Too was powered by Doyle Stratis Carbon/Vectran sails and Doyle downwind sails. This was the owner’s first Bucket as an Owner and what an impressive first Bucket it was for him, the Captain and Crew.

Blue Too Celebrating 3rd in Les Grand Dames and the Alloy Cup

In addition to coming in 3rd in class, Blue Too won the Alloy Cup, for best performance by an Alloy Yacht. The four Alloy Yacht competitors included: Kokomo III 58m, Genevieve 38m, Blue Too 34m, and Paraiso 32m.

The 38m P2 won the Perini Navi Cup, awarded to the Perini-Navi Yacht with the best result. Of the 40 yachts competing, the seven Perini-Navi yachts include: Maltese Falcon 88m, Parsifal III 54m, Klosters 47m, Antara 46m, Helios II 45m, and P2 38m.

Maltese Falcon won the Vitter’s Shipyard Seamanship Trophy, awarded to the yacht that demonstrates the best seamanship and sportsmanship in the interest of promoting safety on the race course. This award recognizes the yacht that best demonstrates the understanding that superyachts have serious limitations operating safely in close quarters and value safety well above performance.

In addition to coming in 1st in Les Grand Dames, AXIA also successfully defended the Skullduggery Cravat, holding the trophy for the best Bucket humor for 3 years running. The Skullduggery Cravat is awarded to the yacht and crew who display the best Bucket humor and promulgates non-adult behavior.

To view more photos click here of the 2011 St. Barths Bucket.

Matt Bridge Joins Doyle New Zealand as Superyacht Coordinator

Doyle Superyacht Matt Bridge

After serving his 15-year apprenticeship as a Charter Yacht Captain and Yacht Engineer, Matt Bridge has joined Doyle New Zealand to work alongside Quinny Houry in the Doyle Superyacht Division.

Matt’s extensive knowledge of the superyacht industry, his understanding of the processes that need to happen to ensure a satisfied customer, and his ability to get the work done have led him to join the Doyle New Zealand Team.

Matt and Quinny are the key superyacht contacts at Doyle New Zealand. The latest Dubois 52 meter, Red Dragon, was just suited with Stratis GPc Sails from Doyle New Zealand. Working with Peter Wilson, the owner’s representative, and the team at Alloy Yachts, Quinny and the New Zealand Superyacht Team pulled off an impressive delivery of perfect sails for a perfect yacht. Next up are the sails for the Phillippe Briand 120’ Performance Sloop and new working sails in Stratis for the Superyacht Alithia.

Red Dragon

Doyle Superyacht Red DragonDoyle Sailmakers has launched into the new year with one of the largest projects to come from the Stratis manufacturing facility in New Zealand.

The 52m Red Dragon, the latest Dubois Superyacht from Alloy Yachts, had sails fitted and commissioned in January, marking a milestone for Stratis – by far the largest sails produced to date, and by all accounts probably the largest custom inlaid fiber sails produced by anyone in the world.

Since Doyle New Zealand embarked on the Stratis project over five years ago in conjunction with Technology New Zealand, Doyle New Zealand has produced over 2,000 racing and cruising sails. Stratis sails have been exported to almost every country with Doyle Sailmakers locations worldwide purchasing the sails in either completed form or as a blank sail membrane to be finished with their own personal touch.

The total Stratis membranes on board Red Dragon account for over 27,000 square feet of sail area – an impressive feat by anyone’s standards, with the reacher alone coming in at just over 8,500 square feet. New Zealand innovation products are always at the forefront of the marine industry, and the Stratis Membrane Sails from Doyle New Zealand are being selected by a very high percentage of the new and existing Superyachts being produced due to the weight savings, performance increases and benefits of a sail that can be specifically engineered to address the exact load path on each corner of the sail. Every specific fiber sandwiched between the polyester or mylar laminates is engineered from propriety software and then mapped to a fully automated manufacturing process. Various fibers such as vectran, carbon fiber and kevlar are selected dependant on the owner’s requirements.

Super Maxi Maximus also selected exclusively GPx Stratis Membrane sails for their bid to compete in the 2007 Sydney to Hobart race, but unfortunately Maximus had to withdraw prior to the race start with keel problems.

Join the revolution and contact your local Doyle Superyacht Loft to discuss the right Stratis sail for your boat.