Superyacht Service

Red Dragon

Sails need regular attention, whether to restitch sacrificial headsail suncovers degraded by the sun, repair mainsail batten pocket chafe, correct an unfortunate encounter with a fixed object, or anything else in need of improvement. Doyle Sailmakers offers the most experienced sail maintenance and repair services available in any corner of the world. Our staff is trained to identify common sail problems before they turn into expensive and inconvenient disasters, and like with most things on a boat, we recommend regular inspection at least once a year. 

When repairs are needed, Doyle sailmakers evaluate each job by examining the extent of the damage, the anticipated lifespan of the sail, and the future plans of the sailor, to make the most appropriate service recommendations and estimates before proceeding. Personal, professional service ensures customers know what they're paying for, and what they're getting, every time. 

At Doyle Sailmakers we care about life after Sales. Our Service, Cleaning and Repair department, will provide you with all you need.

  • Service General check of overall condition and stitching. All repair work.
  • Cleaning Sail washing and spot cleaning.
  • All canvas work Restiching and general repairs.
  • Collection and Delivery Sail collected from vessel and returned.
  • Storage Check our sail loft directory for the location of the Doyle Superyacht sail loft nearest you.
  • To find out how we can help, contact your local sailmaker.

Superyacht Service